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Design & Technology

Our DT Intent

At Riverbridge our intent for the Design and Technology curriculum is to help develop children’s skills through problem solving and collaborative work. Children at Riverbridge will enhance their knowledge in design, sustainable material, structures, mechanisms and electrical control. Children are encouraged to use their imagination to be creative and are actively encouraged to use their new skills set and knowledge to apply it to the real world. Design and Technology begins in EYFS where children start to explore and understand their world involving imagination and willingness to improve structures through play. As they move through KS1 they start to build an understanding of making structures stable and evaluate their models. Children begin to explore mechanisms and how to make objects move. In KS2 children start exploring textiles and are introduced to electrical systems. They build on their knowledge with mechanisms and explore different types of mechanisms and the different uses. At Riverbridge we teach our children about food and nutrition and how to apply the knowledge and skills that they learn in the future. In kS1 children are introduced to the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and what makes a balanced diet. As they move through KS2 they explore taste and understand the principles of healthy ingredients. Using their knowledge of healthy ingredients they start to enhance their skill set which includes measuring and different cutting techniques based on a recipe. 

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