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Welcome to the Riverbridge Home Learning page

This page has been set up to provide our children with access to some ongoing learning activities to keep their minds active during a period of school closure. Teachers will set a range of homework tasks using Purple Mash and online links which are based on the age expectations for each year group.   We hope the children find the learning tasks interesting and engaging, however we do understand that learning from home won't feel the same as classroom learning for the children and this could lead to some unsettled emotions. 

Though a good routine for the extended time off will benefit most people, we don't expect to hear that children have spent all day sat at tables completing rigorous learning tasks (unless they want to of course).  For our youngest learners in particular this just wouldn't be appropriate as they learn best through play and 'hands on' experiences.  What we hope, is that there are enough learning ideas and resources provided, should you need them.  

More importantly than anything, is for children to come out of this phase of their lives feeling as mentally and physically healthy as possible so anything that can ensure this happens is recommended.  Go for a walk, play in the garden, do some arts and crafts, bake a cake, grow some vegetables and face-time some friends and family!  This could be the perfect time to master a skill such as tying shoe laces, completing a Rubik's cube, learning a language or even learning to play an instrument!   Play some of those family board games that have been tucked away since Christmas and enjoy quality time together.  You could even keep a family scrapbook or diary of things you did and feelings you had to look back on in the future.

Making a daily schedule for the family could be really helpful too.   Plan when to carry out the learning activities from school  (or work for parents) but also include some exercise, fun and quiet time - screen time could even feature in there too.  If the children take charge of planning their daily schedule, deciding how long they'll spend on each activity and when to take a break, they'll feel more in control and will be more inclined to cooperate and enjoy the day - it takes the pressure off parents too!  Please send in pictures of your children learning and playing and we will aim to share some each week in our newsletter or facebook. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate the school office office.riverbridge@lumenlearningtrust.co.uk 

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